Chef Toru Touchie’s Wagashi 3 Day Classes


Date: 23-25th February 2019
Time: 9am-6pm

23rd February

1.Hydrangea with Mizumanju
2.River with Agar
3.Bellflower with Agar
4.Bellflower with Konashi
5.Helmet with Uirou

24th February

1.Cherry Blossom with Nerikiri
2.Morning Glory with Nerikiri**
3.Hydrangea with Nerikiri
4.Bambooshoot with Nerikiri
5.Azalea with Nerikiri

25th February

1.Wisteria with Nerikiri
2.Chrysanthemum with Nerikiri
3.Swan Nerikiri
4.Dianthus with Nerikiri
5.Chrysanthemum with Nerikiri



Package for all Chef Toru Touchie’s Wagashi’s classes


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