Chef Toru Touchie’s Wagashi 1 Day Class


Date: 23rd February 2019
Time: 9am-6pm

1.Hydrangea with Mizumanju
2.River with Agar
3.Bellflower with Agar
4.Bellflower with Konashi
5.Helmet with Uirou



In this class, you will make “Kudzu-mochi”, “Kingyoku-kan” and “Uiro”
Kudzu-mochi is made from the starch of the East Asian arrowroot, known as kudzu (kuzu).
The mochi center will be filled with colorful An.
Name: Hydrangea

You will do two variations of Kingyoku-kan;  one that is not dried and one that is slightly dried.
Kingyoku-kan is made with agar and sugar.
For the kingyoku-kan that is not dried, we will add a fish-shaped detail in the transparent kingyoku-kan to express a fish swimming in the stream.
Name: Seiryu (clear stream)

For the kingyoku-kan that is slightly dried, we will cut it out with a bellflower shaped cutter and let it dry.
Name: Kikyo (Bellflower)

Uiro is made by mixing rice flour, sugar and water then steaming it. It will have An in the center.
You will make a purple bellflower and a warrior’s helmet in the traditional origami technique.

You will prepare both the dough and the An.
The An will be made from powder instead of the Azuki beans which is a much easier way to make it.


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