Chef Toru Touchie’s Wagashi Classes

1st Day Class

On the first day, you will make “Kudzu-mochi”, “Kingyoku-kan” and “Uiro”
Kudzu-mochi is made from the starch of the East Asian arrowroot, known as kudzu (kuzu).
The mochi center will be filled with colorful An.
Name: Hydrangea

You will do two variations of Kingyoku-kan;  one that is not dried and one that is slightly dried.
Kingyoku-kan is made with agar and sugar.
For the kingyoku-kan that is not dried, we will add a fish-shaped detail in the transparent kingyoku-kan to express a fish swimming in the stream.
Name: Seiryu (clear stream)

For the kingyoku-kan that is slightly dried, we will cut it out with a bellflower shaped cutter and let it dry.
Name: Kikyo (Bellflower)

Uiro is made by mixing rice flour, sugar and water then steaming it. It will have An in the center.
You will make a purple bellflower and a warrior’s helmet in the traditional origami technique.

You will prepare both the dough and the An.
The An will be made from powder instead of the Azuki beans which is a much easier way to make it.

Date: 23rd February 2019
Time: 9am-6pm

2nd & 3rd Day Classes

On the second and third day, you will make Nerikiri.

Nerikiri is a sculptable dough that is made with white-an and mochi.
It is possible to create a variety of designs with this traditional wagashi dough.

Over the two days, we will make: Tomoe-zakura (cherry blossom), Asagao (morning glory), Ajisai (hydrangea), Takenoko (bamboo shoot), Tsutsuji (azalea), Fuji (wisteria), Hasami-giku (chrysanthemum with specialized scissors). Hakucho (swan), Nadeshiko (dianthus), Kiku (chrysanthemum)

The dough and An will be made from powder.
No additive flavors will be used so you can enjoy the traditional taste of An.

Date: 24-25th February 2019
Time: 9am-6pm


All 3 Day Classes

A great package for all the classes!

23-25th February 2019
Time: 9am-6pm